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that they got off to roll a clgarette3 but in reality
they were scouting their eyes through the Indian
camp for some clue of Almighty Voice.

While Venne was rolling his cigarette with his
bridle-reins thrown over his arm, his horse started
to jerk excitedly. He pulled him up with a sharp
command, and started to roll his cigarette again.
Again the horse jumped and snorted uneasily., and
as he was about to give Mm another welt over the
heads he heard a slight rustling In the bush beside
the trail. But just as he turned to see what It
was, a shot split the air, and Venne fell to the
ground with a bullet in his chest.

Constable Beaudridge and the other mountle
picked Venne up and rushed him back to Duck

When they had gone. Almighty Voice and two
Indian boys who had joined him In his last stand
against the mountles crawled out of the bush and
walked across the trail into the camp. He was
angry because Venne had not been killed. He
told his father and mother all about it.

He said:

'We were lying there when they rode up and
stopped. When they got off their horses I
crawled a little closer to the trail and had my gun
levelled at Venne's heart, when my cousin here3
Gomg-Up-"To~Sky3 said: <cLet me shoot him."
I wanted to try him out because he was so young